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4th June 2023

I love teaching Pascal's triangle and binomial expansion, and often use this as an A-level taster session. So I enjoyed making these resources... Plus, I love to use colour for scaffolding this topic!

website updates 040623a.png
website updates 040623b.png
website updates 040623c.png

1st June 2023

Continuing with Level 2 FM resources... some sequences practice grids for those fractional nth terms and quadratic sequences. I've also made a grid for geometric sequences - even though this isn't on L2FM, it may be useful for GCSE. 

website updates 010623a.png
website updates 010623b.png
website updates 010623c.png

28th May 2023

My main focus during gained time this year is to re-structure my Level 2 Further Maths scheme of work, and add to/update the resources. I've moved this section of the site out of Enrichment and given it it's own tab. This week's focus is matrices and non-calculator trigonometry:

  • Using the Identity Matrix Practice Strips

  • Exact Trigonometric Values Match-Up

  • Exact Trigonometric Values Practice Grid

website updates 270523b.png
website updates 270523c.png
website updates 270523d.png

21st May 2023

More new compound measures resources:

  • Density and Pressure Fill in the Blanks

  • Density, Mass and Volume Practice Grid​​

website updates 210523a.png
website updates 210523b.png

18th May 2023

Some resources for speed calculations used this week with Year 10s. They found some of the questions on the practice grid particularly challenging!

website updates 180523b.png

14th May 2023

In Year 10 this week, we've been looking at converting between units of area and volume, in advance of density and pressure calculations. So, of course, I made some new resources...

website updates 140523a.png
website updates 140523b.png
website updates 140523c.png

7th May 2023

Back to some resources for Year 10 this week:

  • Rearranging Formulae when the Subject Appears Twice Practice Strips

  • Calculating with Bounds Crack the Code

  • Calculating with Bounds Practice Grid

website updates 070523a.png
website updates 070523b.png
website updates 070523c.png
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