2nd October 2022

I'm enjoying teaching Level 2 Further Maths to both Year 10 and 11 at lunchtimes this year. These new resources are for Year 10; this half term we're looking at matrices and next half term factorising and the factor theorem.

30th September 2022

A few bits and bobs I've had hanging around for a while that just needed tidying up. Not yet tried on students (for my Year 10s and 11s later this term). Hopefully of use to some of you before then, but let me know if you spot any errors...

  • Shading Three Set Venns Practice Grid

  • Volume and Surface Area of Cylinders Fill in the Blanks

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21st September 2022

I used this Fill in the Blanks to challenge my Year 12 students today - a bit of circle geometry, equation of a circle, equation of a straight line and some non-linear simultaneous equations. Also suitable for Level 2 Further Maths. It's currently residing in the Enrichment section of the site, as I don't have an A-level section yet!

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11th September 2022

The first topic back with my Year 11s is compound measures, looking first at speed, distance, time calculations and in particular ones which require unit changes or have multiple steps:

  • Distance and Time Calculations Practice Strips

  • Harder Speed Calculations Fill in the Blanks

  • Multi-Step Speed Calculations Practice Strips


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4th September 2022

I've been meaning to make some resources on histograms for a while, and finally got around to it over the last few days of summer.

  • Plotting Histograms Practice Grid

  • Plotting Incomplete Histograms Practice Grid

  • Interpreting Histograms Practice Grid

All can be found in the Statistical Diagrams section of the site.

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30th August 2022

New resources - a set of fill in the blanks resources on Direct and Inverse Proportion.

  • Direct Proportion Fill in the Blanks

  • Harder Direct Proportion Fill in the Blanks

  • Inverse Proportion Fill in the Blanks

  • Harder Inverse Proportion Fill in the Blanks

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