16th April 2021

Six new revision grids added, all used with Year 11 this week - Averages and Range, Standard Form, Equation of a Straight Line, Plotting Graphs, Substitution and Rearranging Formulae, and Direct and Inverse Proportion.

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9th April 2021

Resources for some upcoming work on Measures with Year 7 this half-term - Measuring Time Practice Strips, Converting Time Odd One Out, Equivalent Lengths Match-Up and Equivalent Mass, Volume and Capacity Match-Up. Enjoy! Feedback always welcome.

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5th April 2021

More sequences resources (I love sequences!), this time aimed at Year 7 - Generating Sequences Match-Up, Nth Term of Ascending Linear Sequences Fill In The Blanks and Nth Term of Descending Linear Sequences Fill In The Blanks.

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1st April 2021

I've been wanting to create some resources like these for a while... Transformations resources created for Year 8 next half term - Create a Picture activities for Reflections, Rotations, Translations, Positive Enlargements and Mixed Transformations.

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