1st June 2021

Two new Match-Ups - Circumference of a Circle and Area of a Circle - added today to the Perimeter and Area section of the Geometry page. Went down well with Year 8 last week!

website update 010621.png

23rd May 2021

Two more revision grids added to the Revision section, the first on Sets and Venns, and the second on Arithmetic Sequences (which includes sum of a sequence from the IGCSE specification). Enjoy!

website update 230521a.png
website update 230521b.png

9th May 2021

Looking at solving equations with both Year 7 and Year 8 this week, so lots of new resources added to the Algebra/Equations and Inequalities section, including more Practice Strips, and Odd One Out and a Crack the Code.

website update 090521b.png
website update 090521.png

2nd May 2021

More resources on quadratics from last week's lessons with Year 10 , focusing on completing the square, then a consolidation activity solving quadratic equations using different algebraic methods. Enjoy!

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website update 020521a.png
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