31st July 2021

Lots of new resources for Pythagoras' Theorem - Practice Strips for Using Pythagoras to Determine if a Triangle is Right-Angled, Finding the Length of the Hypotenuse and Finding the Length of a Short Side, plus a Pythagoras Crack the Code and a Worded Problems Match-Up! All ready for lessons in September...

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26th July 2021

More number resources added today - Negative Numbers and Surds Crack the Codes, Simplifying Surds Fill In The Blanks and Multiplying/Dividing Surds Decode the Joke. Enjoy!

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17th July 2021

Another quick update with a few practice grids for some number topics added - Order of Operations, Using a Calculator and Estimation. 

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16th July 2021

Looking ahead to September and creating some resources for a Year 9 unit on rational and irrational numbers, which will lead on to surds. Plenty more to come soon...

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3rd July 2021

A few new resources added today : a Revision Grid for Tree Diagrams, Practice Strips for Harder Compound Shapes that include parts of circles, and Practice Grids for Volumes of Cuboids, Prisms and Cylinders. Feedback always welcome!

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