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12 May 2024 Heading.png

New resources - I made these  for Year 10 to practise using formulae for volume and surface areas of cylinders, cones and spheres. Perhaps useful for Year 11 too in the run up to their exams...

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5 May 2024 Heading.png

Some new resources for Year 7, 8 and 10 lessons this week and next. I made the Give an Example resource on volume and surface area for my Year 8s and they enjoyed it so much I've made a similar task for Year 10 Straight Lines. Feedback welcome!

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website updates 050524b.png
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30 April 2024 Heading.png

Having looked at rearranging formulae with my Year 10 class earlier in the year, I knew that we would have to take formulae where the subject appears twice really slowly with plenty of scaffolding  to build their confidence. So I made a couple of Fill in the Blanks resources, and so far they seem to be doing the trick! 

website updates 300424a.png
website updates 300424b.png
28 April 2024 Heading.png

Final few resources for Year 10 coordinate geometry:

  • Fill in the blanks to practise gradients, midpoints, lengths and equations

  • Practice grid to review all the coordinate geometry they've (hopefully) learned

website updates 270424a.png
website updates 270424b.png
21 April 2024 Heading.png

This week's NEW resources from revision with Year 11 and coordinate geometry with Year 10:

  • Proof Revision Grid (including number and algebra)

  • Equations of Lines Through Two Points Fill in the Blanks


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website updates 210423b.png
10 April 2024 Heading.png

More Year 11 revision grids:

  • Similar Shapes (lengths, areas and volumes)

  • Differentiation (for the IGCSE folks)

website updates 100424a.png
website updates 100424b.png
3 April 2024 Heading.png

I've started creating some more revision grids, ready for my Year 11s next half term. Hopefully of use to some of you too!

  • More Quadratic Equations and Inequalities

  • Circle Theorems

  • Sine and Cosine Rules

website updates 030424a.png
website updates 030424b.png
website updates 030424c.png
1 April 2024 Heading.png

A couple of new resources from last week:

  • Area and Circumference of a Circle Practice Grid

  • Finding the Equation of a Line Fill in the Blanks

website updates 010424a.png
website updates 010424b.png
17 March 2024 Heading.png

Thank you to everyone who came to my #MathsConf34 presentation yesterday. A few people asked for a copy of the presentation and the blank templates for some of the resources that we used in the session. So, here they are. Please feel free to use for CPD or to create your own resources....

MathsConf34 Presentation.png
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