16th January 2021

New geometry practice grids - Forming and Solving Equations in Angles and a revision grid on Area and Perimeter, including circles and sectors. Enjoy!

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10th January 2021

More Fill in the Blanks resources, this time on prime factor decomposition using factor trees. Feedback always welcome!

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8th January 2021

Sectors of circles is coming up soon with Year 9, so I've created some Fill in the Blanks resources for them - Area and Circumference of Circles, Area of a Sector, and Arc Length and Perimeter of a Sector. I've not used them yet, so let me know if you spot any mistakes!

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4th January 2021

More new resources, hopefully just in time for the Spring term! A Ratio and Proportion Revision Grid, a Dividing in a Ratio Crack the Code and a Unitary Method Match-Up.

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2nd January 2021

Happy New Year! New resources on equations and inequalities - Solving Equations with Brackets Name the Film, practice grids on Algebra in Shapes and Representing Inequalities, plus an Inequalities Match-Up. Enjoy!

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30th December 2021

After a lovely Christmas break, I've set to work on a selection of new resources on Factors, Multiples and Primes - including a Decode the Joke, Fill in the Blanks for finding HCF and LCM using listing, and a strip of harder questions on finding the HCF and LCM when given prime factorisations. Feedback welcome!

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