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3 December 2023 Heading.png

Some resources from Year 7 lessons this week on fractions, decimals and percentages:

  • FDP Conversions Decode the Joke

  • FDP Conversions Odd One Out

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19 November 2023 Heading.png

New resources added today:

  • Set Notation and Venn Diagrams Match-Up

  • Venn Diagrams with Algebra Practice Grid

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website updates 191123a.png
14 November 2023 Heading.png

*NEW RESOURCES* Some scaffolded constructions and loci resources I made to support my Year 8s, who found this topic a bit of a challenge (as students often do!). Hopefully of use to others in the same position...

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website updates 141123b.png
website updates 141123d.png
1 November 2023 Heading.png

More Fill in the Blanks resources, this time for harder conditional probability problems with Year 11:

  • More Dependent Tree Diagrams 

  • Algebraic Dependent Tree Diagrams

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website updates 011123a.png
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