3rd July 2022

I've spent most of the week on a Year 7 residential, so there's only one new resource this week, used with Year 9s in our unit on probability:

  • Sample Spaces Fill in the Blanks​​

More work on the vectors resources to resume next week!

website updates 030722.png

19th June 2022

Continuing to add to the Vectors resources - this week I've added:

  • Multiplying Vectors practice grid

  • Adding and Subtracting Vectors practice grid

website updates 190622a.png
website updates 190622b.png

12th June 2022

For some reason I didn't have a vectors section of the site, so I've created a new page and am adding some new resources, starting with some practice grids - representing column vectors on a grid, and describing as a column vectors. 

website updates 120622b.png
website updates 120622a.png

6th June 2022

New resources on angles and polygons:

  • an angle rules practice grid

  • an activity for finding interior and exterior angles in regular polygons 

  • a fill in the blanks for angles in regular polygons

website updates 060622a.png
website updates 060622b.png
website updates 060622c.png

3rd June 2022

And finally, some mixed transformations practice grids - drawing and describing. 

website updates 030622b.png
website updates 030622a.png