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29th January 2023

My Year 10 students are looking at angle problems involving regular and irregular polygons this week, so I've created a couple of question grids (of course!). Not yet tested on students so there will be errors in the answers - please let me know if you spot any...

website updates 290123a.png
website updates 290123b.png

22nd January 2023

New resources this week:

  • A set of fractions, ratio and percentages worded problems that I used with my Year 11s, who struggled with this type of question in their mocks

  • Some linear programming-style problems to challenge my Year 10s at the end of our inequalities unit

Hopefully of use to some of you out there!

website updates 220123a.png
website updates 220123b.png

15th January 2023

A few NEW resources on inequalities for some lessons coming up this week:

  • Solving linear inequalities practice grid

  • Solving compound inequalities practice grid

  • Solving quadratic inequalities in context practice grid

website updates 150123a.png
website updates 150123b.png
website updates 150123c.png

8th January 2023

More new IGCSE resources, this time on the sum of an arithmetic series:

  • Sum of a Series Fill in the Blanks

  • Harder Sum of a Series Practice Strips

Also suitable for A-level sequences and series. Enjoy!

website updates 080123a.png
website updates 080123b.png

1st January 2023

Surds is coming up with Year 11 next half-term, and because calculators are allowed for IGCSE (and AS/A-level) the style of question for manipulating/rationalising surds is different. Hence these new resources... Hopefully of use for GCSE too!

website updates 010123a.png
website updates 010123b.png

29th December 2022

And a few more functions resources - finding and evaluating one-step and two-step composite functions using function machines, and a practice strips specifically for inverse functions which require completing the square (quite often found on IGCSE papers these days). 

website updates 291222a.png
website updates 291222b.png
website updates 291222c.png
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