12th September 2021

Two new practice grids added today - rounding to significant figures and practical negative numbers. Free to download now...

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website updates 120921b.png

31st August 2021

A few final number resources added before the start of the new term (for me) tomorrow. There are now over 400 free maths resources on the site, so tell your maths teacher friends about draustinmaths.com!

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25th August 2021

New algebra resources for teaching simultaneous equations and sequences, including nth term decode a joke, practice strips for worded simultaneous equations problems, and a practice grid for solving simultaneous equations graphically. 

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21st August 2021

More new resources added today - two different fractions crack the codes, an equivalent ratios match-up, resources for solving ratio problems (including harder problems that involve algebra), and some currency conversions practice strips.

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18th August 2021

Resources for introducing and using right-angled trigonometry - investigating similar triangles, mixed trigonometry crack the code, worded problems match-up and angles of elevation and depression practice strips.

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16th August 2021

Various geometry resources added today - area of 2D shapes crack the code, circumference and area in reverse practice strips, constructing triangles practice strips, calculating bearings practice grid and similar shapes odd one out. Enjoy!

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15th August 2021

New resources for set notation and Venns (I love teaching this topic!) - fill in the blanks for basic set notation and for Venn diagrams, some harder set problems practice strips and a shading Venn diagrams practice grid. 

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12th August 2021

Another small update with some resources for factors, multiples and primes. A practice grid, plus finding LCM and HCF using two different methods - repeated division and Venn diagrams fill in the blanks.