DRAUSTINMATHS is a resource website aimed at teachers of GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics. The majority of these resources have been tried and tested in the classroom. ​Each resource contains:

  • A word document, should you wish to edit the resource

  • A PDF document of the question strip or grid

  • A PDF document containing hand-written answers (yay!)

There are several different types of resources, including:

  • Practice Strips - most resources are of this type, two colourful strips per A4 sheet of increasingly challenging questions (colour printing not essential!!)

  • Practice Grids - where the questions require more space, usually diagrams, but again questions which gradually increase in level of challenge

  • Crack the Code - students answer a series of increasingly difficult questions, then add their answers to give a three digit code. In class I have a jar with a 3-digit combination padlock, and students who get the code correct win a prize!


If you have any positive comments or constructive feedback, you can contact me through twitter @draustinmaths. If you find any mistakes (particularly likely with the answers!) please do let me know. Also, if you would like to request a specific resource that is not yet available, send me a message via twitter.

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