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DRAUSTINMATHS is a resource website aimed at teachers of GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics. The majority of these resources have been tried and tested in the classroom. ​Each resource contains:

  • A word document, should you wish to edit the resource

  • A PDF document of the question strip or grid

  • A PDF document containing answers (yay!)

There are several different types of resources, including:

Practice Strips Gallery.png
Fill In The Blanks Gallery.png
Crack the Code Gallery.png
Match Up Gallery.png
Decode the Joke Gallery.png
Practice Grid Gallery.png
Odd One Out Gallery.png
Pixel Picture Gallery.png
Name the Film Gallery.png
Contact Heading.png

If you have any positive comments or constructive feedback, you can contact me through twitter @draustinmaths. If you find any mistakes (particularly likely with the answers!) please do let me know. Also, if you would like to request a specific resource that is not yet available, send me a message via twitter.

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